Rules of the Road

1: Go easy

First and foremost please go easy.  We've limited resources and they have to be shared around.  For the time being there's no active rate limiting but this is something we will look to implement in due course so don't design your app to make excessive requests.

2: Cache if you can

Most of the data coming from the API is anything up to 15 minutes old so there's no point in making repeat requests and hoping for a different response.  Please try and cache your results for 10 minutes or so.  See the object & endpoint docs for more details.

3: Don't Cheat

We've no particular expectations of what you might want to do with the API and you're pretty much free to do anything.  Nevertheless we will not accept the use of the API for cheating or gaming the system because that will ruin it for everyone.

Therefore any trades made via the API:

  • must be initiated by the individual user for whom you are making the trade and
  • must be executed immediately.

4: Keep up to date

Finally, for now, we ask that if you're going to use the API you keep up-to-date with what's going on.  The API is very young and likely to move forward pretty fast.  The best ways to keep up to date are: