API Objects

  • Stock

    Returns a full twiDAQ Stock Object including the fundamentals of the stock, up to three charts covering the past week, month and six-months and an array of indices under which the stock is listed.

  • Index

    Returns the requested Index object describing the index and its performance.  The index object includes up to 100 leading stocks within the index. It also includes information to place the index in the hierarchy; an array of sub-indcies and the parent index where appropriate.

  • Trader

    Returns publicly available information about the requested twiDAQ trader.

  • Chart

    Contains chart data for stocks, indices and traders.

  • Feed

    Contains a feed of information about a stock, index or trader.

  • Portfolio

    Contains the portfolio of the authenticated user; a collection of certificate objects.

  • Certificate

    Contains share certificate information.

  • ScoreCard

    Contains a trader's scorecard information.