Getting Started

Getting started with the API

If you're familiar with the Twitter REST API then you should find the twiDAQ API relatively straight forward.

The twiDAQ API returns JSON data which you should be able to parse within your language of choice.

Navigating the API Documentation

The twiDAQ API tries to return consistent json object structures so the bulk of this API Reference documentation is split into two sections:

  • Endpoints
    Here we describe the dozen or so endpoints from which you can collect data or, if you've authenticated a user, where you can make trades.  If you'd like to fire straight in to playing with the endpoints why not check out the console.
  • Objects
    Here you'll find a description of each of the different object structures that you can expect back from the endpoints.  There are objects for stocks, traders, indices, and so on.  Because of the hierarchical structure of twiDAQ you can expect to get a mixture of these objects back from most of the endpoints.